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The Responsible Breeder

When you see dogs prance around the show ring you think to yourself... "What a pretty dog" or "I'd like to have that kind of dog" when in reality, most people have no idea whatsoever what it took to create every single one of those beautiful breeds we have today. Every breed was bred with a job in mind, from rescue to farm work to just sitting on the laps of royalty looking pretty, nevertheless, they all were bred with form and function in mind and every single one of those breedings were carefully thought out. Many breeders take seminars in the veterinary sciences on genetics and breeding. With generations, decades and many many dollars later each and every magnificent breed was born... hence the breed standards. 


The standards were put in place to ensure the sound structure and performance of every breed. With each and every generation that is born, responsible breeders carefully try to weed out genetic defects so the next generations come into this world stronger and healthier. So you see, it's not just pretty faces and satin ribbons. There's the heartache too.


Losing litters, puppies that don't thrive with endless nights and days tube feeding a fading puppy hoping through your tears they make it because after all, you're responsible for this fragile tiny life.  Losing mothers for unknown and unforeseen reasons and the endless tears that never seem to dry.


It's the C-sections and the round-the-clock watch to make sure the mother is being a good mommy especially if it's her first time, it's making sure she doesn't accidentally roll over on her babies. 


Then once you get over that stage and their eyes and ears are ready for the world, it's the proper socialization to every sight and sound imaginable to prepare them for their new lives with their new families. To make sure every puppy is a healthy puppy in mind and body. But it doesn't end there...


It's the good-byes. When you've carefully picked the best homes for your babies and you watch as the last looks from that puppy is etched into your mind forever as they drive away. You stay awake nights hoping all is okay and they're being taken care of as you would take care of them. 


So you see, there are breeders and then there are RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS and yes, there is a big difference. It's not about charging a lot of money to get rich because anyone can do that and if you're in it for that, getting a job is much easier. It's about being the guardians of the only beings on this planet that will love you unconditionally their entire life, it's about trust and love and it's about making sure each and every wonderful breed remains as beautiful in body and mind as they have been since the very beginning.


That's what being a responsible breeder is all about.

Karynn Bechard

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